About Us

We have partnered with The Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills & Cherrybrook and The Rotary Club of Pennant Hills who provide us with mentorship and guide us to make that difference we want to make to the local community.

Being a part of Rotaract expands your friend’s group. It can give you access to many opportunities like increasing your chance to go to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) which many people claim as a life-changing experience. You also have the opportunity to attend the District Conference, Rotaract National Conference, Interota (Rotaract International Conference), Rotaract International Pre-convention and International Conference every year.

My Experience: Rotary International Convention 2019 Hamburg, Germany. |  D9211 Rotaract District
Rotaract International Pre-convention

Meet Our Board

Every year we have an elected board to do administration tasks to ensure the smooth running the club. At our Annual General Meeting, the members of the club elect a new board. These positions can change, but some will remain in their previous roles.

Meet our current board:

Jason TerryPresident

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Hi! I have been a Rotaract member for three years, and for the past 12 months I have also been a member of West Pennant Hills & Cherrybrook Rotary Club. I was selected to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) at a district level in 2019 and I was chosen to go to the first RYLA Oceania in 2020. I love to do my part for the local, national and international communities, which is very rewarding. In my downtime, I like to play golf and play board games with friends and family.

Samprithi Raja – Vice President & Treasurer

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Hi! I’m Sam and am currently at uni. Having always had a passion for
community service and engagement, I’m grateful that Rotaract provides
local youth with an effective platform to serve while empowering each other to enact change. As a Hills District constituent, we hope to work with local organisations to combat the pressing issues that face communities, particularly illiteracy and environmental degradation. I’m excited to see our club grow and am eager to work with like-minded individuals!

Lyn Wang – Secretary

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Hello! I’m Lyn, a uni student excited to be part of our the club! Joining the
Rotaract community is a milestone for me, as someone interested in
volunteering. I’m enthusiastic for all our club’s future projects to further Rotary and Rotaract’s worthy causes, of which the most important to me is promoting education and supporting environmental conservation. As our club grows, I’m looking forward to getting to know more young people with a verve for community service.

Megan Miranda – Personal Relations Director

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Hi! My name is Megan, I’m 22 and currently, work in IT consulting. I love learning Japanese, playing the piano and singing in my local church choir in my spare time. I also enjoy volunteering as a community visitor and telereach caller. I am excited to be a part of the Rotaract family as it would allow me to give back to the local community while making new and exciting friends! I’ve always been passionate about helping people in tangible ways and am grateful that Rotaract provides a platform to do so with a group of amazing people.

Kelly Xu – Events Director

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Hi! I’m Kelly, and I’m currently a Year 12 student. I love being active and playing all kinds of sports, and I used to represent Australia in Badminton. I am incredibly excited to join the Rotaract family, as I’ve always been interested in community service and volunteering. I’m super keen to work with everyone in the future as we strive to promote humanitarian assistance and goodwill. I’ve always had a passion for helping the disadvantaged, and I’m incredibly grateful that Rotaract provides a platform for individuals to unite and take part in serving the community.